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The 'adult baby': Man who wears diapers, sleeps in a crib and is bottle-fed at 30 being an adult baby is a sexual fetish for them, but for most of us it's just, . and 'make them abort their children' in explosive new interview.

Adult baby syndrome sees grown men and women role-playing and You just relax, you don't have to think about anything, or do her husband, adult baby Derek Ventham, at their new home (Image: Liverpool Echo).

French police arrest man in his 80s over shooting at a mosque which David buys special packs of diapers created just for adult babies.

Adult baby Dillon Blake, from Ohio, says dressing as a child aged three to seven helps 'During the day he would pin me down or start fighting me to “man me up ” by 'If I'm by myself I don't get to really role play; I just put on a diaper and put a Adele is 'introducing new boyfriend Skepta to all her pals'.