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Ranting and venting about specific toons (naming names) AKA Public Shaming WILL NOT be tolerated. Posts that are not relevant to TTR or ATTA may not be posted on the ATTA wall. Any site/group/clan that isn't ATTA or TTR-related, but is related to ToonTown may be discussed, but not.

ATTA is a group consisting of only adults (18+ years of age) who enjoy playing Toontown. At this time ATTA ONLY supports Toontown Rewritten. 8/16/2007 - Clan officially named "Adult Toontown Addicts" or "A.T.T.A.".

I used to play Toontown a lot as a kid and all the way up until it shut down. I haven't had much time for anything lately, but I've just graduated.