Mk6 Escort Immobiliser - immobiliser on ford escort van


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I have a 98 Escort 1.8 diesel van here. One of those where it refuses to pump diesel and starter wont crank the engine over either. Sorting the starter out shouldn't be too much of a problem with a new wire from the ignition switch to starter.

Is it a fairly newish Escort van? Because i recall some of the newer Fords just turned over with the immobiliser on where as yours has no life.

Ford Escort 1.8 diesel van - Ford Escort Immobiliser. Hi there, One of my indicator stalks had broken so I bought a new unit, replaced it this.

Got a Ford escort 55d R reg van and its draining baterry out of power When you put key in ignition and you turn it the immobiliser light on the.