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Barbara Stanwyck is a calculating card shark who fleeces passengers on transatlantic ocean liners. When she discovers that an ingenious young millionaire (Henry Fonda) is on board, the scheming Stanwyck figures he'll be a pushover if she plays her cards right. Sure enough, he does.

Barbara Stanwyck (Actor), Henry Fonda (Actor), Preston Sturges (Director) & 1 more Rated: Preston Sturges - The Filmmaker Collection (Sullivan's Travels/The Lady Eve/The Palm Beach Story/Hail the Conquering Hero/The Great McGinty/ and more) Preston Sturges - The Filmmaker.

"The Lady Eve” (1941), which in its way is just as preposterous as the two adults and not locked into a narrow daddy-daughter relationship.

genius Preston Sturges, THE LADY EVE is truly one of the greatest romantic comedies 18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with an adult.