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Breast components; Breast structure; Nipple and areola structure and It is important for women to understand the normal anatomy and.

The main parts of the female breast are lobules (milk producing glands), ducts ( milk passages that connect the lobules and the nipple), and stroma (fatty tissue.

The breast is the tissue overlying the chest (pectoral) muscles. Women's breasts are made of specialized tissue that produces milk (glandular tissue) as well as fatty tissue. Signs of breast cancer include a lump, bloody nipple discharge, or skin changes.

A mammary gland is an exocrine gland in humans and other mammals that produces milk to feed young offspring. Mammals get their name from the Latin word mamma, "breast". The basic components of a mature mammary gland are the alveoli (hollow cavities, a few millimeters large) lined with milk-secreting cuboidal.